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Work together

The thread that ties together everything I offer is one of confidence and empowerment, embracing positive change. Each offering is an opportunity to partner together to create powerful, personal shifts in your life. From eradicating fears to re-defining your future, encouraging you to create changes or planting the seeds of self-love. Working together is a commitment, it’s putting a stake in the ground and showing up for yourself. Diving deep and doing the work. Self-acceptance begins here.



Working One-to-One


These offerings are bespoke, working together week by week, personally and privately, focusing on a specific area. Combining solution-focused coaching and hypnosis, relaxation and rewiring, they have been created for deep-seated change.

Working in a Group

These offerings are delivered in a group format and create a sense of community and camaraderie, working together to a set timescale. Focusing on a programme in a carefully planned structure, these offerings combine solution-focused coaching and hypnosis, relaxation and rewiring, created for change and community.

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