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Sanctuary - The wellbeing workshop for the workplace

My sanctuary workshop is perfect if you run a business or organisation and feel that the wellbeing of your employees is a key part to your business running smoothly and effectively.

In the UK 822,000 workers suffering from work-related stress, depression, or anxiety (new or long-standing) in 2020/21.


Work related stress and anxiety is rising, becoming more prevalent to women reporting feeling stressed and anxious due to workload and deadline pressure.

My wellbeing workshop is designed to help employees feel calm and relaxed, so that they can be more focused and motivated at work.

I wanted to create a short informative but relaxing workshop where employees can feel at ease, connect, and communicate. A place where they can feel heard and to be able to press pause, calm their mind to find solutions.

I am on a mission to enhance, Communication, connection, positivity, productivity, and creativity within your working environment.

In this workshop you will receive and informative talk by me, which will include, neuroscience and what happens in our brain when we are stressed and anxious, journaling, tips and tools to use to reduce stress, breathing techniques, and then we will immerse into a deep beautiful relaxation with calming music and aromatherapy oils at the end of the workshop.

Sanctuary Anchor 1

2.5hr - £295 per group.

If you are thinking you would love your team to have a short 30-minute relaxation, either in the lunchbreak or at the end of the day then don’t worry I also offer a 30-minute beautiful deep relaxation either at your workplace or via Zoom as a group. 

This mini session is designed to be able to do it anywhere, sitting at the desk, or finding a relaxing space at work. 


Imagine enjoying the stillness as you let the sense of deep calmness and relaxation wash over you, letting you mind just drift and dream. 

Pressing pause and being still allows our mind to find that quiet space, and it’s in that quiet space where we find solutions and solutions always come to mind so easily when we are relaxed.

After this session employees will feel, relaxed, focused, positive and motivated.

30 mins - £95 per group.

Who will we be working with?


Meet Helen

Helen has a warm but powerful approach to support teams to help reduce stress and anxiety, taking you from chaos to calm. Helen is passionate about empowering teams to look after their mental health and for wellbeing to be a key part in the working day. Helen is a true nurturer, the sister you always wanted, supporting and empowering women to raise each other up. Helen is a true believer that self-love and compassion is at the heart of being able to make change. Helen has worked in Women's Health and wellbeing for 15 years. She's been inspiring and uplifting women through her career in health visiting and working as nurse in a stressful environment. Helen nurtures and cheerlead teams encourages communication and connection and specialises in women’s health and wellbeing in the workplace. Helen works from home by the sea, creating a sanctuary for herself and hundreds of women that she works with. Helen has worked through her own crippling anxiety and worked through her own stressful environment in the workplace.

Helen is an accredited Solution Focused Hypnotherapist.




Can you travel to our place work if it’s not in Cornwall?

Yes, I can travel at an extra cost to your business or organisation.

Can these sessions be done at our desks?

Yes, these workshops and sessions can be done anywhere.

Does it matter if anyone has never done meditation or relaxation before?

No, it’s absolutely fine, there is no need to have experienced relaxation before. 

Can it be done via Zoom or teams? 

Yes, it can, relaxation has worked really well over Zoom and teams before.



Still not sure if these are right for your team, not to worry I can also offer a completely bespoke workshop for your organisation or business. Get in touch and we can have a chat about what your needs are, and how I can help.

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