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Overcoming a fear.

For courageous creative women to overcome fear encouraging calmness and confidence.
Let's overcome this together - it's a sisterhood.

Courage is a 4-week programme that will take you from being fearful to courageous and calm.


Courage is for women who are struggling to overcome a fear of perhaps a photo shoot, a speaking event, a social event, going live on social media or maybe a fear of flying or driving that's holding you back in your life and career.


I see you…

Nervous and full of fear, your mind racing with what ifs, worst case scenarios and that feeling that you just can't do it. I know that inner critic can be loud, one minute you're saying go for it, and next that voice creeps in and says I can't. Even the very thought of it fills you with dread, your heart is racing, you feel sick and anxious. You've gone wild with overthinking, and it now becomes this big scary thing that's holding you back from success and living your best life.


Just imagine for a moment, what if:

  • You could actually take yourself from where you are now to where you want to be?

  • You could reduce the fear and step into the light?

  • You could imagine this going just how you want?

  • You felt totally calm about it?

  • Your confidence grew even more so you could grab more and more opportunities?

  • It went well and you had a great sense of achievement, how would that feel?

  • You started to notice that you didn't think about it so much and you had more headspace to think clearly and logically?

  • You started to enjoy it?

  • You actually started to believe in yourself?


Together let's take these what ifs and turn them into your reality.

Over 4 weeks we will work together to identify your fear, reframe it, boost your confidence, calm your mind and set you up for success.

Using solution focused therapy and hypnosis, we will get clear on where you want to be. It's important to start with what you'd like the outcome to look like, vision and imagination is key.

Once we have a vision, we'll be diving deep to why this is important to you, and what difference it will make to your life.

This programme is designed to encourage you to release and let go of negative thoughts, focusing on the positive, because what we focus on expands. So together let’s expand more of those positives.

How we talk to ourselves is so important. We can get held back by limiting beliefs. If you tell yourself, you can't, then that's exactly how you're going to feel. We'll be immersing you into self-compassion to become your biggest cheerleader.


Together we'll reframe your event down to the finest detail, we will re frame this event to go exactly how you want it to go. Changing neuro pathways, so that you can feel confident, clear, calm and in control.



Here's what your Courage journey will look like.


It's designed as a short sharp solution to calm your mind and overcome a particular fear.

4 weeks of 1: 1 60-minute zoom calls or face to face at my therapy room.

The first part we'll be diving into what you'd like to overcome, with solution focused talking sessions and ending each session with hypnosis. Hypnotherapy will help you to press pause, feel calm and relaxed.

You'll receive an MP3 recording that is bespoke to you and your event, for you to listen to and to help you relax leading up to the event.

Are you ready to overcome your fear and live your best life?

This programme is designed to boost your confidence, let go of fear and step into the light, it's your time to become calm and in control.

Book a Free 30-minute initial consultation.

  4 Sessions - £350

Who are you taking your calm and courageous journey with?

Words from clients


‘Thank you so much, I was able to start Uni without fear, I actually felt totally calm.’

A x


‘I literally cannot thank you enough after 13 years of being petrified of flying I have literally just landed in Spain thank you so so much’.


This truly works! I was amazed by how quickly Helen helped me to change my whole outlook on driving after years of feeling incapable of getting behind the wheel. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Helen to anyone wishing to overcome a fear, or anyone wanting to create an inner shift, as her work just does that, no matter what challenge you’re facing! This isn’t just something that makes you feel good, it creates real lasting change in your life, wherever you need it!


I had my interview yesterday, after my performance I thought there was no way they would offer me the job. They rang me up an hour later and offered me the job saying they could see how passionate I was and that they thought I was the best candidate they had interviewed! Thank you so much for your help, I have seen such a difference in my confidence.

E x

Calm Anchor 1


I've never had hypnotherapy for before will I be able to wake up?

Hypnotherapy is a trance state, we go into this state multiple times a day, when we drive, when we watch TV or go for a run. You will feel really relaxed but alert. You wake up to the sound of my voice bringing you back to becoming fully awake.

How does it work on zoom?

It works the same as in person, the difference is you get to lie down and relax from the comfort of your own home! I’ll send to zoom link each week and all the sessions start with the talking solution focused therapy and then you find a comfortable place to relax for the hypnosis.

How often do I need to listen to the MP3?

You can listen to it as much as you like, it’s best to listen to it while falling asleep.

If I wanted to work with you for something else what else can you help me with?

I have other programmes that I offer, take a look here by clicking this button

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