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Adore is for courageous creative women who feel their relationship with their body is holding them back from showing up in the world. 

Adore is an 8-week programme to help you build a better relationship and a deep connection with your body.

I see you, and I hear you.

Disconnected from your body and who you are? Scared to be yourself and show up? Feel like you can’t get on a Zoom call without feeling frozen? Or perhaps photos of yourself are just out of the question?

Feeling shame and guilt with how you treat your body?

Your body is constantly on your mind.

Worrying about what others think of your appearance?

Obsessing about certain parts of your body?

Missing out on events because how you see your body is holding you back?

Fed up with negative habits that have formed around your body and food?

That inner critic getting louder.


If you feel this resonates with you, then let’s work through this together. It’s a sisterhood.

Imagine if:


  • You could Love yourself and be self-compassionate, not self-critical?

  • You carved time out in the diary for self-care and looking after you?

  • You could see your self-esteem grow rather than shrinking so you show up more in your business?

  • You could see signs of change elsewhere in your lifestyle, like eating healthier and moving your body in a way that was just right for you?

  • You start to wear clothes that you thought you’d never be able to wear? Perhaps putting on make-up, earrings and taking care of your appearance?

  • You could feel freer around food?

  • You could create positive habits?

  • You could actually be in photo’s and not run a mile when there’s a camera? Family photo’s together without analysing how you look.

  • You could feel good in your body?


Adore is a gentle but empowering programme to encourage acceptance and self-compassion. To help you find peace with your body, boost your confidence and to create new positive habits.

Over the course of 8 sessions, week by week we will work together using Solution Focused Therapy, NLP techniques and hypnosis to help you to rise up, feel confident, feel good in your skin and to be unapologetically you. We will be using visualisation to imagine and focus on how you would like to feel instead of how you feel right now. Working together over Zoom or face to face.

I will give you a MP3 of a relaxation track for you to listen to as you go to sleep.



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Words from clients

I’ve been working with Helen to help motivate me to make healthy lifestyle changes. Even after the first session I felt a lot more positive about myself and feel motivated to achieve my goal.

Katy x

I was lost and sabotaging myself when I met Helen. She has helped me find the words to speak to myself in a kinder way, to allow myself to feel ok when I have had a run, or when I have done well with eating better. Rather than completely sabotaging my good work. Helen has helped me start to believe that I am worthy of change, therefore I am ready for the change. I am truly thankful that I met this beautiful lady.
Sam x

Who will you be taking this journey with?

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Meet Helen

Helen has a warm and sensitive approach to working with body positivity. Helen is passionate about empowering women to have a healthy positive relationship with their body. She is a true believer that self-love and compassion is at the heart of being able to make change. Helen has worked in Women's Health and Wellbeing for 15 years. She's been inspiring and uplifting women through her career in health visiting and nursing. She works from home by the sea, creating a sanctuary for herself and 100’s of women that she works with. Helen nurtures and cheerleads women from all over the world to feel calm and confident in their body. She has worked through her own body confidence and now supports women to do the same. She is passionate about being anti diet and finding peace within. 


Are you ready for self-love and acceptance?

This programme is either in person at my sanctuary in Cornwall or online.
We can make it work for you.

Your investment is a one-off payment of £649 or payment plans to suit.

Book a free 30-minute consultation.


If I have a diagnosed eating disorder will hypnotherapy help? 

It’s not advisable to have hypnotherapy if you have an eating disorder. Speak to your GP.

Will hypnotherapy help me lose weight and stop me eating certain foods?

 In the way that I work, losing weight won’t be the focus. Hypnotherapy can help with changing habits that are not helpful to you. I work in a way that encourages a positive mindset around your body, creating a more positive relationship with food and body movement. If you do lose weight and it’s helpful to you in creating a better relationship with your body, then that’s ok but weight loss won’t be the focus. Creating habits that work towards a lifestyle change is more in line with my values.

How does it work on zoom?

It works the same as in person, the difference is you get to lie down and relax from the comfort of your own home! I’ll send to zoom link each week and all the sessions start with the talking solution focused therapy and then you find a comfortable place to relax for the hypnosis.

How often do I need to listen to the MP3?

You can listen to it as much as you like, it’s best to listen to it while falling asleep.

What happens if I get halfway, and I feel I don’t need any more sessions?

It’s absolutely fine if you feel that way, however the change does take commitment. If the programme is paid in full, then a refund for the sessions not used will be given.

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