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Morning Affirmations

Morning Affirmations


I am so excited you have chosen to start your morning on a better foot. This morning affirmation PDF and MP3 encourages a positive mindset, a deep sense of kindness, compassion, and confidence so you can be your biggest cheerleader!


Waking up with negative thoughts and self-doubt has such an impact on how the rest of the day goes, which then affects our mood and productivity, which can make us feel rubbish if we don’t start the morning in a positive way.


A positive mindset in the morning will help create self-compassion, and self-confidence so you can cope and manage for the rest of the day.


It’s quick and straightforward to use, just download it and save it to your phone or computer. You don’t have to be lying in bed with your eyes closed (well, you can if you like!) or you can even listen to it while drinking your morning coffee!


I have also added a few journaling prompts to get you thinking about how you start your day.

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