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Exhale Breathwork Bundle

Exhale Breathwork Bundle


Introducing EXHALE.

A Breathwork bundle for busy lifestyles.

So often we are told to “just breathe” but in truth, many people don’t know how to actually do this.

The Exhale Breathwork Bundle combines techniques, tutorials and timeless audios that can transport you to a space of calm and self-care. It’s been created to give you permission to pause and take a breath.

Your breath is the secret to joy, peace and surrender, of release and ritual that grounds you, bringing you back to your breath and the beauty of the moment before you.

✨This is the essence of Exhale.

Exhale is designed for you to have me in your pocket, guiding you through these simple but powerful breathwork techniques that I use with my 1:1 client’s and in my group sessions. This bundle will help you learn how to check in with your own breath, what breathwork is and to learn simple techniques that will help all aspects of your wellbeing.

It’s Broken down into one introductory video and six audios for you to download and comes with easy to follow written instructions to accompany them.

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