Trust – Dissolving Panic and Anxiety 

For courageous and creative women, who want to feel free from worry and anxiety, to feel lighter with a sense of calm and control back in your life.

Trust is an 8-week programme to help you, dissolve panic attacks, and reduce anxiety so you can live your life, without overthinking and worrying about the future.

Let’s get you feeling back in control. It’s a sisterhood.

I see you. 

Unable to press pause, with your mind racing and overthinking everything. Feeling chaotic, nervous, on the edge, and filled with worry.

Overwhelmed with work and feeling burn out approaching. 


Frozen, feeling like your mind is on high alert. Stuck in fight, flight, or freeze. Nothing is moving forward for you.

Panic attacks are holding you back, stopping you from socialising. Cancelling plans because your anxiety makes you feel self-conscious.

Anxious about your health and worried for your future. Perhaps physical symptoms, heart racing, shortness of breath, heavy chest, feeling disconnected to your body.

Anxious things will go wrong. With a feeling of not coping and managing small tasks.

Now is the time to trust yourself, trust in your strength and resilience.

Imagine if:

  • You could have the head space to make decisions and know what to do in calm and controlled way?

  • you had the knowledge and feel empowered to know what’s happening with your body and your anxious thoughts? To make sense of feelings and know you’re not going mad but have tools to help yourself?

  • You could be comfortable with the unknown? Not worrying about the future and not ruminating about the past.

  • You could calm and reassure yourself using breathwork, so you can cope and manage in difficult situations and reduce panic?

  • You could feel more in control with your thoughts, so you could get more done in your day? Breaking things down so things don’t become overwhelming?

  • You could get a peaceful night’s sleep without overthinking and being wide awake? Waking up without dreading the day ahead?

  • You could make plans and carry them through without cancelling social events?

  • You felt confident and showed up as the best possible version of you? 


Together we can make this your reality.


Trust is an 8-week programme to restore trust in yourself, eliminate anxiety and panic so you can have freedom from negative thoughts to feel in control of your life again.

Over the 8 weeks together we will go on a journey using solution focused therapy and hypnosis, to look at your best hopes of what your life would be like without anxiety or panic. Using visualisation, we will immerse ourselves in how you would like your life to be, finding your strength and resilience that’s already within you. Hypnotherapy is such a gentle but powerful way to calm you’re mind and to change the negative cycle of thoughts.

I will give you a MP3 relaxation recording for you to listen while going to sleep to help you relax.

I hold a warm and safe space for you, using beautiful hypnosis, positive affirmations, and calming breath work techniques. I am here to support you through this journey.


Client’s words


Since beginning my sessions with Helen, I have started to regain my positive mindset. Our sessions really dig deep and help with resetting the mindset and thought process that was causing a variety of issues with confidence, negative mindset, and anxiety. Even after my first session I felt revitalised and like a weight had been lifted. I started to notice small changes about myself; I was less critical about my appearance; I wasn’t talking so negatively about myself, and my mind felt less busy. Naturally as an over thinker I worry about anything and everything, which was impacting on my sleep and my mood every day. Now I am more in control and have been able to breathe, relax and view things in a more positive light.  Helen is very knowledgeable and helped me to understand on why I had been reverting to old negative mindsets and habits. This has helped me not only identify my triggers, but also has made me recognise when I am reverting which has helped a lot with overcoming setbacks at a quicker pace.  Although I’m still working on all the above, I have seen amazing improvements and my journey to self-love and happiness is on the up!

Natalie x


I Feel like I’m being given tools to deal with real life situations which I have previously found challenging.  

My self-confidence is growing and as a result I feel happier, less stressed and I'm looking forward to what the future holds.

Catherine x

I have had several sessions with Helen for this very reason, and I cannot express how much healthier, happier, and calmer I am because of it. She has helped me un-muddle my overactive brain.

Chloe x

Who will be supporting you on this journey?


Meet Helen

Helen is a nurturer, a cheerleader, the sister you wished you had. Known for her warm and calming approach she empowers women to feel calm and relaxed through difficult times. She has worked with women for 15 years through her career in the NHS as a nurse and now as a solution focused hypnotherapist. She has supported over 100 women through anxiety and helped eliminate panic attacks. Helen has also worked through her own crippling anxiety using hypnotherapy so she can now live a balanced and happy life, and you can too.

Helen’s soothing and relaxing voice creates a sanctuary for you to press pause and drift into relaxation, so you can calm your mind, and live your best life.


This programme is either in person at my sanctuary in Cornwall or online.
We can make it work for you.

Your investment is a one-off payment of £649 or payment plans to suit.

Book a free 30-minute initial consultation. 


Will I feel out of control when doing hypnosis?

No, you will be in full control and as alert as you need to be. You will still be able to respond to the sound of my voice.

How does it work on zoom?

It works the same as in person, the difference is you get to lie down and relax from the comfort of your own home! I’ll send to zoom link each week and all the sessions start with the talking solution focused therapy and then you find a comfortable place to relax for the hypnosis.

What happens if I feel halfway through, I feel great and would like to stop the sessions?

That is absolutely fine, payment plan can be stopped, or a refund can be given for sessions that are not used.

How often do I need to listen to the MP3?

You can listen to it as much as you like, it’s best to listen to it while falling asleep.