Are you ready to press pause and put yourself first?

Pause is 1:1 programme bespoke to you, to support you through the perimenopause transition smoothly. 
A sassy got getter, creative, soulful woman just teetering on perimenopause but inside, crippled with anxiety, feeling like you are going mad? I see you.

Feeling lost, with a foggy head, can’t think straight, with lack of focus and concentration. Negative thoughts about your body, with an overwhelming disconnection from who you really are. Frequent doubts about your abilities and you just don’t feel like you anymore.

Well, if you can relate then you are in the right place.

Pause is designed for you to press pause, embrace, and work with the change in way that helps you focus on your vision of how you would like to feel instead of how you feel right now.

Imagine if:

  • You could feel weightless rather than weighed down?

  • You Become your own inner cheerleader in your mind, instead of the inner bully and hate your body less, and feel free from negative thoughts?

  • You could have a powerful feeling of self-ownership?

  • You could Sleep better and reduce irritability?

  • You could Cope and manage with life and business in the right way for you?

  • You could carve out time for self-care without feeling guilty?

  • You could manage your time better, and you could be more productive and focused?

  • You could and have clarity on your path instead of feeling lost?

  • You could move and nourish your body in the right way to suit you?

  • Calm your busy mind and stress less?

Lean into fear and take action?


Let’s turn this imagination into your reality.


Over 10 weeks we will dive deep together to help you take actionable steps to boost your self-esteem, remove blocks and limiting beliefs. This programme will help reduce stress to support your hormones so you can live your best life and step into success in your life and business.

Each session will be uniquely tailored to your needs, using solution focused talking therapy combined with hypnosis. 

We will be focusing on the solution and the outcome you want rather than the problem.

The change can bring feelings of dread. That’s exactly what perimenopause is, its change, it’s something different but we can support your nervous system to go from survival mode to relaxed and living a happy fulfilling life with a thriving business.

I am here in your corner, to help nurture and support you so we can change that feeling of dread into excitement. working together we can get you feeling excited about the new confident, calm version of you. 


My 10-week programme Pause will help you dissolve and wash away self-sabotage, reduce stress and anxiety, change negative and unhelpful habits so you can move forward to positive change.

Within the programme we will be using solution focused therapy with NLP techniques to create new healthy habits. Each session will end with a beautiful hypnosis to cement in those new habits.

You will be given a hypnosis MP3 for you to listen to between sessions while you go to sleep, the help you drift into a peaceful and restorative sleep.

This is a transition in life, its time for you to own it, no longer holding yourself back from showing up, it’s your time to shine.


Your investment for Pause is a one-off payment of
£829 or a payment plan to suit.

Book a free 30-minute initial consultation. 

Who will you be pressing pause with?


Meet Helen

Helen is a nurturer, a cheerleader, the sister you wished you had. Known for her warm and calming approach she empowers women to make positive and long-lasting change. She has worked with women for 15 years through her career in the NHS as a nurse and now as a solution focused hypnotherapist she has supported over 100 women through life’s transitions from pregnancy to menopause. 

Helen’s soothing and relaxing voice creates a sanctuary for you to press pause and drift into relaxation so you can find solutions, calm your mind, and live your best life.

She works from home by the sea, creating a sanctuary for herself and 100’s of women that she works with. Helen nurtures and cheerleads women from all over the world to feel calm and confident through perimenopause.


Client’s words


My confidence grew and I was able to focus on myself and feel more positive towards my future. I am now in a place where I am able to recognise when things are getting difficult and recognise what I need to do to manage my thoughts and emotions. Helen has helped me to be the ‘best person I can be’ and I am no longer trudging through thick mud but am walking through a colourful meadow of wildflowers’. Thank you Helen x

Lorna x

I really enjoyed my sessions with Helen at Senara’s sister Hypnotherapy. It was relaxing from the start. I carried out my sessions on Zoom and this worked extremely well. Halfway through my sessions I felt a real shift like a release of things I had been holding on to. It’s made a massive difference to my confidence, and I now feel like I am striding ahead.

Lisa x

Helen’s hypnotherapy sessions have helped me so very much to gain confidence in myself again and to focus on the here and now. She has helped me to realise I can build a positive future. The sessions are amazing! Very relaxing, Helen is a beautiful soul!

Liz x


Book a free initial consultation.


Do I have to be diagnosed as perimenopausal to work with you?

No, you don’t, if you feel you are going through this transition, and its’s holding you back then this is the programme for you.

What happens if I feel halfway through, I feel great and would like to stop the sessions?

That is absolutely fine, payment plan can be stopped, or a refund can be given for sessions that are not used.

Will I feel better after one session?

Hypnosis is not a magic wand, but you may feel better after one session, but a commitment and repetition are the key components for sustainable change.

Do you do face to face as well as online?

Yes, face to face and online work just as well as each other. Working online together means we can work from the comfort of your own home and from anywhere in the world.

Can I contact you between sessions?

Yes, we can set up a what’s app or by email if you have any questions and for accountability and cheerleading along the way.

Will there be a call or an initial consultation at the start?

Yes, there will be an initial consultation so we can go over everything before you decide to book.

Will there be a payment plan as well as a one-off payment?

Yes, we can work out a payment plan together before hand.



Book a free 30 minute initial Consultation.