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Dive into your power…

It is my purpose to empower women. Those with stressful careers and low self-confidence, who yearn to step off the treadmill, multi-tasking mothers and successful women who feel stuck. This is a call for those outwardly strong women who often harbour hidden insecurities, who seek self-love, compassion, confidence and kindness. This is the essence of Senara’s Sister. It’s about sisterhood and showing up for ourselves.



You will need to have courage to embark on this adventure and you will need commitment – to back the woman you want to become. Immerse yourself in the experience and in return you’ll create a life of freedom and calm.

Here is where we begin your journey of empowerment and choose less comparison and more self-acceptance. To stop paddling in the shallows and decide to dive deep – self love is on the seabed.

Join the sisterhood.

Helen x


Let the sense of deep calmness wash over you, soothing you into a tranquil and peaceful relaxed state of mind.


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